A Change in Name – Not in Quality

Like anything else, companies grow and take on new shapes as they mature. After a decade of providing reliable, stable, and proven backup and recovery services, Bacula4 has taken on a wider focus to become Clusterlogics, a comprehensive company specializing in all the logistics of Infrastructure as a Service. Instead of being one part of the process of keeping your data safe, Clusterlogics has grown to encompass the service from start to finish.

What’s New?

Clusterlogics is also expanding into the domain of Big Data and Cloud Orchestration to better serve you and make the process of virtualization and automation as streamlined as possible. In this way, Bacula4 is undergoing a change not only in its name, but also as in becoming a more complete infrastructure, with our single pane of glass platform.


While still operating on its core principles of working from an open source and open standards, and providing renowned customer service, Clusterlogics has expanded into the department of virtualization. Rather than the resource heavy VM snapshot process, Clusterlogics uses the OnAPP snapshot process. This allows the user to snapshot any VM on any hypervisor in real time, or on a custom schedule. This avoids the IO issues often encountered with OnAPP where all recurring snapshots are scheduled at the same time. Clusterlogics allows customers to migrate OnAPP KVM VMs across different storage zones, and even allows ANY LINUX ONAPP VM to be restored from the latest incremental snapshot by creating a bootable template on the fly in minutes.

Big Data

Clusterlogics is excited to announce that the tools you need for the analysis of Big Data sets are coming soon. The service will allow the user to seamlessly install and configure their analytics on any server or VM via our GUI based wizard process, even if these servers are already running operations for backup and recovery. These advanced analytics allow you to view server and application performance data, establish notifications for incidents which are important to you, and give you a graphical view of the overall server, and an ability to quickly and easily identify potential or current issues. The process is intuitive and simple to use, and will integrate with any servers or virtual machines automatically and effortlessly. Because every Clusterlogics’ service operates behind one pane of glass, keeping your data both accessible to you and secure from others has never been easier.


Automation of backup and recovery services are a key part of Clusterlogics’ philosophy around Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). Your mind should be on the vision of your organization, not on the logistics. Clusterlogics’ new automated backup system allows you to trust that your data is secure, and will be there when you need it. The Clusterlogics platform utilizes automation, provides sanity checks, scheduled backups, other safeguards and is completely Cloud Agnostic – to constantly ensure your backup integrity and allow you to centrally manage backups and recovery even in the most complex hybrid environments.

Though the company may be expanding past its origins at Bacula4, the cornerstone philosophies at Clusterlogics remain the same; giving customers the best experience possible, and helping them grow their business through better technology. We hope you’re as excited about the changes coming as we are!

Progressive Virtual Full Backups – The Best of Most Worlds!

Data is one of the most critical assets an organization needs to survive and grow. Therefore, it’s vital the information that matters most is reliably backed up in a way that makes it quickly available should something happen to the primary source. Progressive Virtual Full (PVF) Backups provide an efficient way to safeguard data more reliably, easily, and cost-effectively than most traditional methods.

It should be noted that backup strategies come in many flavors, and there is no “one size fits all” solution. The are trade-offs based on a number of variables such as budget, speed requirements, retention periods, and restore objectives. Also, be sure not to confuse the difference between snapshots your cloud provider might offer and a comprehensive file-based backup strategy.  Before we begin, let’s take a look at some commonly used methodologies.

Full Periodic Backups


Clusterlogics Launches New Bare Metal Restore Functionality For Linux

Everyone knows that from time to time technology can and will get disrupted. That’s why good Disaster Recovery (DR) planning and the ability to restore quickly and accurately is so important. If IT systems play an integral role in running your business – as it does with most – prolonged system downtime is simply not an option! (more…)