File & Database Backups

Clusterlogics backup & recovery platform is built on Open Standards and Open Platforms. It enables users to backup and recover practically every Operating System, any Database Platform and any other data required. It’s a centrally managed platform, allowing you to centralize your backup and recovery process, even in the most complex hybrid cloud environments. Our single pane of glass approach with sanity checking and reporting, offers the flexibility to backup and recover even the most diverse infrastructure footprints. We offer granular file, database and database table restore capabilities, along with full system recovery. Continued evolution towards infrastructure and cloud agnostic snapshot provides organizations the ability to combine a comprehensive and centralized backup, recover and disaster recovery solution.


Whether your servers and/or virtual machines are in your offices or located in data centers, you can backup all of your servers, with support for practically every Operating System and every Data Base platform.  In case of disaster, recover any file or database from any available restore point – and/or – utilize our Bare Metal Restore option to recover an entire server and system state.


Finally, a backup and recovery solution for the Cloud. Clusterlogics will backup any Virtual Machine, hosted on any Hypervisor. Your Virtual Machines hosted in house, or with Cloud Providers like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Digital Ocean or Cartika. Quickly and easily restore files &/or databases, or Bare Metal Restore your entire Virtual Machine back to a last known good system state. Finally, a single pane of glass approach, offering support for any infrastructure, anywhere in the world, complete with sanity checking and alert notifications.


Built on top of the Open Standards and Open Source Platforms. Clusterlogics is a lightweight, full featured, backup and recovery solution. A mature platform, trusted by System Administrators everywhere to backup millions of Servers and Virtual machines. The Clusterlogics platform is built on Open Standards and operates on commodity hardware. Full featured API allows for extensive integration capabilities.

Supported Platforms

Support for practically every operating system including Windows, Linux and Free BSD, multiple database platforms including MS SQL, PgSQL, MongoDB and MySQL. Backup MySQL using native MySQL Dump and/or Percona no impact Xtrabackup. Backup your Microsoft Exchange users and provide your users full PST files they can use to restore their Outlook in case of disaster to their laptops/workstations.

Bare Metal Restore (BMR)

In case of disaster, initiate a Bare Metal Restore (BMR) of your Server or Virtual Machine and restore it to a last known good system state. Our sophisticated platform will automatically pull any missing drivers into Linux Systems during recovery.  For Windows Systems, administrators can inject missing drivers, via our GUI, prior to downloading the appropriate BMR recovery media.


No more expensive proprietary hardware. Install the entire Clusterlogics Application Stack and GUI on any commodity hardware with RHEL/CentOS installed. Use any server with Red Hat/CentOS loaded as a Storage Device. Build your storage devices on inexpensive commodity hardware and high capacity SATA drives. Add as many storage devices as required without additional costs. Want to use our Cloud Storage as your primary or secondary backup location? Not a problem, we provide a low per GB fee for our Cloud Storage option.

Global Scalability

Launch a single GUI and control multiple Directors, globally distributed across your facilities. Alternatively, utilize a single Director to control multiple facilities. Backup your servers and Virtual Machines in multiple facilities.  Backup to local Storage Devices over the LAN within each facility, backup over the WAN to Storage Devices in other facilities, or do both and backup over the LAN locally and replicate offsite over the WAN.

Virtual Full

Take an original network based full backup. Once the original full backup is done, save your network capacity and overhead and forever take incremental backups over the network.  Any additional full backups required by the system will be compiled directly on your Storage Devices utilizing our Virtual Full technology.

End User Restore

Clusterlogics offers complete End User Restore capability for all of your hosting customers.  Pre-built Hosting Control Panel modules for cPanel, Plesk (Windows and Linux), Hsphere (Windows and Linux), Interworx, Directadmin, ISPSystem/ISPManager and Websitepanel (Exchange). Prebuilt WHMCS and Hostbill modules allowing you to offer your customers, across various services (Including Dedicated Servers, Onapp, Xenserver, SolusVM, cPanel, etc), end user, self service restore capabilities from your customer billing/management platform. Alternatively, use our API to integrate into any other environment.

Cloud Platform Integration

Billing level integration with popular Cloud/VM delivery platforms (OnAPP, Xenserver, SolusVM). Connect your platforms to the Clusterlogics GUI and take advantage of our special hypervisor + VM licensing model. For unsupported platforms, simply purchase our stand alone VM licenses for each VM you wish to backup. Take advantage of our OnAPP integration and snapshot KVM VM’s, Migrate KVM VM’s and even create templates and restore Linux KVM, XEN and/or VMware VM’s from incremental file/database level backups.

BaaS (Backup as a Service)

Sell Backups as a Service to your customers. Pre built BaaS modules for WHMCS and Hostbill. Alternatively, utilize our API to integrate BaaS capabilities into any other billing/management platform. Allow your customers to purchase Clusterlogics licenses and disk space on your Storage Devices. Customers add their own Servers/VM’s, manage their own backup schedules/retention and of course restore their own data.  Best of all, they never leave your billing/management interface.