While still operating on its core principles of working from an open source and open standards, and providing renowned customer service, Clusterlogics has expanded into the department of virtualization. Rather than the resource heavy VM snapshot process, Clusterlogics utilizes libvert tools for KVM. This allows the user to browse any VM on a hypervisor in real time, and avoids the IO issues often encountered with simultaneous snapshot activity.

We are tightly integrated with the OnAPP Cloud Orchestration Platform, specifically, but not isolated to, the KVM hypervisor. It is our intention to integrate with every major hypervisor and every major cloud orchestration platform, and public cloud platform. Ultimately, enabling organizations to centrally manage both file/database level – AND – snapshot level Backup and DR strategy. Currently, we offer the following capabilities through OnAPP:


  • Browse and schedule a live snapshot from any virtual machine, on any hypervisor. The data will be seamlessly transferred to your storage devices
  • Stagger your snapshots to avoid issues in IO associated with heavy snapshot activity and the OnAPP scheduled backup feature
  • Restore a snapshot to any other hypervisor in any storage zone
  • Move a virtual machine to a different hypervisor or storage zone

OnAPP KVM, Xen, or VMware (Linux Only)

  • with ANY Linux VM undergoing file/database level backups, convert ANY incremental restore point into an OnAPP template. The template is moved to the OnAPP snapshot/template storage arrays, attached to the users OnAPP account. Reboot a net new VM from the generated template
  • Simply the most effective DR scenario available for Linux VMs, without ever requiring IO and resource heavy snapshot processes while maintaining file/database table level restore granularity.